Invest with a difference

Gain access to a lower-cost, diversified portfolio of
Australia’s best governed ASX 100 companies.


Corporate governance is the framework that defines the relationship between stakeholders, management, and the board of directors, to help influence how a company operates. Our belief is that those companies who exhibit superior governance practices will deliver stronger financial performance and resultant shareholder value over the longer term.

The Australian Governance Masters Index Fund invests only in the best governed top Australian companies within the S&P/ASX 100 Index, as ranked by the company’s corporate governance analysis. The company pursues an index style of investing with an active corporate governance bias, providing exposure to a diversified portfolio of approximately 75 to 85 Australian equities at a low total expense ratio of 0.19%p.a. (inc GST net RITC).

The company also seeks to promote adherence to corporate governance best practice by voting its proxies and participating in shareholder meetings. Since listing, the company has actively participated in 525 shareholder meetings, voting on 3,154 resolutions.